We are a boutique company that provides advanced data analytics services to industry, government and academia. Our philosophy is straightforward:
*  keep it simple – less is more;
*  keep it focused – do what’s required, not what’s fashionable ;
*  empower the Client – if you can’t make a difference, don’t do it!

Our consultants are extremely well-qualified with most having a PhD in statistics; are professionally accredited (PStat., CStat., CSci); and are members of peak professional societies. This deep knowledge of the discipline is matched by unparalleled levels of experience working on real projects in real environments. We are in every sense data scientists.

If your project involves any element of data collection, analysis and inference then you need to have the confidence your statistical methods are: • fit-for-purpose • robust • statistically sound and • scientifically defensible. Welcome to VisionAnalytix!